Add liquidity with a single token
Imagine you would like to add liquidity to the PILOT/USDT. This pool requires the user to have PILOT and USDT. However, let’s say this user just finished onboarding from a centralized exchange and only has ETH in their wallet.
As a result, since they only have ETH they would need to individually swap their ETH
into the pool pair (PILOT/USDT) and then deposit those 2 assets. This works out to a total of 3 separate transactions to go from ETH to depositing in the Uniswap Pool. More transactions and more preparation to participate create friction for the user and make DeFi intimidating.

We will do all this work for you! In just a single click!

We will take the ETH, swap those for PILOT/USDT, and then return liquidity pool NFT to the user’s address in a single transaction. The end result is you don't have to worry about having the specific tokens in exact prepared proportions before you are able to provide liquidity.
Initally this will not be a part of protocol.
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