Pilot Growth Fund
When users choose to get their fees in pilot tokens a percentage of the tokens minted will be matched and sent to a predefined multi-sig wallet.
The match ratio can be as low as 0% and as high as 10%. That ratio can be changed via a 3 days time-lock function, so users can be aware that a change in the ratio is about to happen.
The governance can vote the percentage of the token minted.
FPY matching functionality will be off initially.


If the Pilot Growth Fund ratio is 2% and the user has earned 100$ in fees. (Assuming pilot token price is 1$).
User fees will be sent to the index fund, 100 pilot tokens will be sent to the user and 2 pilot tokens will be sent to the Pilot Foundation. This will be used to support future developments of The Pilot Protocol. Note: Initially this function will not be active and can only be activated through governance.
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