Unipilot V2
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  • The PILOT token launched in July 2021 with a total supply of 20m tokens and ~7.5% of supply in circulation. The rest is locked in vesting contracts.
  • In October 2021 we launched the PILOT burn program. With this, we started to burn PILOT tokens each quarter as they are unlocked from the vesting contract. This scheme is designed to benefit our community of token holders.
  • Overall, the scheme will lead to 78% of the total supply being burned, leaving only 4.4m tokens. These 4.4m tokens will not necessarily ever enter circulating supply, and there may be additional burns in the future.
Token Utility
  • In June 2022 we launched PILOT staking. This allows you to stake the PILOT token on the Unipilot dApp to earn a share of protocol revenue paid in ETH.
  • These rewards are not inflationary. The Unipilot protocol takes a cut of fees earned on the protocol, and 40% of this revenue is shared with PILOT stakers, with the remainder used to cover protocol expenses, helping us to limit PILOT inflation.